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SaveSyria IMR News:


Conflict in Syria has displaced millions of people, who are spending the harsh winter without adequate shelter and clothing. 7.6 million people are internally displaced (lDPs), while a large number has crossed over the border into Turkey. A recent winter storm has blanketed much of the region in snow, leaving refugees huddling for warmth in their often makeshift tents. Low winter temperatures and accompanying rain and snow have added to the misery of these homeless refugees; there have been reports of several people frozen to death.

Each year, IMANA is coordinating efforts with our partners on the ground in Turkey, for distribution of winter packages to the refugees. These kits will include woolen scarves, hats, socks, gloves, long underwear, sweaters and heating fuel. Our distribution target is at 2,450 people (1,250 children, 800 women, 400 men), representing 350 families, at a total cost of $50,000.

Help us alleviate the suffering of the homeless Syrian refugees and bring them some comfort and warmth in the harsh winter months.


2012 Report

IMANA Medical Relief (IMR) in collaboration with Muslim Without Borders (MWB) implemented an emergency food distribution in Syria on February of 2013. Food was distributed to camps and locations that were in great need of food throughout Idlib and Aleppo provinces. All the food was purchased wholesale in Turkey. The food provided was enough quantity to feed an entire family for almost 1 month. Each aid box weighed approximately 50lbs (total of 38,550 lbs food was distributed). IMANA purchased 771 boxes of food to help those in great need of our support. Many of these food boxes were distributed to widows and orphans. MWB was responsible for the delivery costs, 100% of IMANA donations went towards the purchase of food.   View Photos

2011 Report 

Day by day the death toll is rising, thousands are injured and in dire need of help. The UN estimates well over 5,000 have lost their lives since the uprisings began a year ago. In recent weeks the unrest has resulted in thousands being injured. Local hospitals are non-functional as the Syrian people remain cut off from the outside world. It's time to do something, time to "Make a Difference". IMANA Medical Relief (IMR) is once again taking the lead as one of the only US based relief organizations responding to the cries for help. This week IMR will be delivering $50,000 worth of medical supplies to the besieged city of Homs (Syria).

In collaboration with our sister organization Doctors Worldwide Turkey we are currently working on establishing a field hospital In Wadi Khaled along the Lebanese-Syrian Border. Thousands have fled Syria causing a refugee crisis along the border areas. Health care is often neglected in times of crisis and quite too often emergent care is the difference between survival and death.

Join us and be part of the difference. Donate today and "Make A Difference!"

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