Dr. Syed Rahman

Hospitalist, Illinois

Syed “Mohseen” Rahman, MD has been working as a board-certified family medicine hospitalist since 2017 and currently resides in Downers Grove, IL. He completed his undergraduate degree at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, attended medical school at Windsor University School of Medicine’s Cayon, St. Kitts campus, and completed his family medicine residency at Rush Copley.

Medical Missions

Haiti 2013

Bangladesh 2017, 2019

“I was blessed to be a part of the ServeRohingya medical mission in 2017.
To this day, I often think about my last patient at the camp, this young child cradled in her anxious mother’s arms. The child came in with a fever, dehydration and was septic. Allahﷻ put our medical team in that place at that very moment to get this young child the critical help she needed to survive. There is no veil between the prayers of the oppressed and Allahﷻ. I can only imagine the numerous duas this girl’s mother made for everyone who treated and cared for her daughter to heal from such poor health. How lucky are those who donated towards this cause and made their way into this mother’s heartfelt dua!”

Across IMANA’s programs we meet so many who could use your support. Please consider joining me in supporting one of the following causes:

1. Rohingya
2. Syria
3. Palestine

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