IMANA Mentorship Program

About Us

The Mentorship Program

The aim of the IMANA Mentorship Program is to create opportunities and develop mentoring partnerships to make valuable health care industry connections, provide guidance and resources essential for strengthening one’s career path.
Our program aims to tremendously boost IMANA’s impact in the community by introducing and matching experienced professionals with individuals who are seeking a mentor and complement our successful medical relief program.



IMANA aims to foster health, disease prevention and health maintenance in communities around the world through direct patient care, health programs, and advocacy.



Through the IMANA Mentorship Program, we expect to impart one’s knowledge and wisdom onto the mentee in this mutually agreed enriching relationship. Progressing with immense responsibility, dedication, and integrity to achieve desired results for great lasting benefits in this mentoring process.
IMANA will strive towards a world in which the wellness and health care of people from all walks of life are served by the American Muslim community.

Why Mentor

Mentors are leaders.

They coach, guide and support the mentee in achieving their full potential and work effectively with people of all different backgrounds and experiences in a diverse healthcare setting.
This is an excellent opportunity for you to give back to your community, by imparting your knowledge, skills, experience with those who are passionate to learn and adapt. This program will also help you exchange ideas and perspectives on issues and trends in your field of specialization.

How it Works


Sign up as a Mentor or Mentee by accurately filling out the registration form


The IMANA Mentorship Team will review your application and inform you about the acceptance or rejection.


Based on the information you provided, we will match you with a mentoring coach who shares your professional background.


Finally, you are now part of the IMANA Mentorship Program and enter into a mentoring relationship to kick-start your on-boarding process.

What Our Mentors have to Offer

“I can help with understanding the residency and fellowship application process, preparing for interviews and general advice throughout the medical career journey.”

– Dr. Marium Husain, Oncology/Hematology Fellow and IMANA Vice-President –

“I would like to welcome exceptional mentors and mentees to be a part of this novel mentorship platform, empowering individuals through mentorship and leadership development beyond the sphere of public health. We want to build ever-lasting relationships and provide the resources for the next generation of leaders in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations.”

– Dr. Anam Tariq, Epidemiologist | Nephrologist | Fellow at Johns Hopkins | IMANA Board Treasurer & Chair of Students/Residents Committee –

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