Ramadan Relief
Extend Your Reach this Ramadan

Join IMANA in the spirit of giving and support our global healthcare initiatives, providing vital medical relief to communities around the world this Ramadan.

The Power of
Collective Giving

Ramadan is a month of blessings and generosity, where our actions are magnified in their impact. By donating now to IMANA's healthcare initiatives, you pave the way for planning and executing impactful work, ensuring a profound and widespread effect on those in need this Ramadan

Last year we reached hundreds of thousands of patients in 12 countries. Our dedicated volunteers, comprising skilled physicians, healthcare professionals, and students, travel around the world to provide crucial medical assistance in disaster-stricken areas, conflict zones, and underdeveloped regions.

With your compassion and care, we can grow our impact this year, and make this Ramadan one of healing and hope.


IMANA's Main Initiatives This Ramadan

This Ramadan, IMANA is focusing on several key initiatives to make a lasting impact:


Providing essential nutrition support to vulnerable communities In Pakistan. Ensuring they have access to the right sustenance during Ramadan.

Ramadan Food

Sending nutritious packages of food to underserved communities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Macedonia this Ramadan.

Emergency Aid:

Offering emergency aid to the people of Gaza who are facing dire humanitarian crises and urgent medical needs.


Extending aid to the people of Syria who are enduring the devastating effects of conflict, providing critical medical assistance and humanitarian aid.


Ensuring that your Zakat benefits the ailing and the sick


Supporting healthcare initiatives around the world, including medical missions, to provide lifesaving medical treatment to those who need it most.


Sending skilled medical professionals on missions to underserved communities, offering essential healthcare services and treatment.

Extend Healing Hands

At IMANA, our core dedication revolves around fostering health promotion, disease prevention, and ongoing healthcare maintenance in communities worldwide. Our vision centers on positively influencing global health through integrated programs, with a particular emphasis on medical relief efforts across the world.

Your donation to IMANA's Ramadan Relief Campaign enables us to extend our healing hands even further at a time when it's most crucial. With Ramadan approaching, winter is in full swing, communities desperately need your support. 

Your acts of generosity, like giving Zakat, have the potential to provide them with a Ramadan free from struggle and a month of relief!

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