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At IMANA we are actively preparing essential medications and supplies to support medical centers in delivering life-saving care. But as the violence continues, the strain on Palestinian healthcare facilities has grown significantly more challenging.

At this current time, hundreds of innocents have lost their lives and thousands more have been injured.

Be a lifeline for Palestinians in Gaza in desperate need. Join IMANA’s Gaza medical relief campaign and provide life-saving essential medical aid.
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Thanks to our donors, IMANA is making a difference in Gaza, taking the lead immediately after October 7 by coordinating with WHO, UN, Egyptian government agencies, and NGOs, utilizing supply chains via Turkey, Pakistan, and Jordan.
Our contribution so far to alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Gaza include:
– 10 TONS of life saving medications and supplies, valued at $650,000, shipped from Turkiye
– 25 TONS of medicines and medical supplies airlifted from Pakistan
– 41 TONS of flour transported from Egypt and distributed among Gaza families
– 53 tons of food items, in 2,400 boxes, distributed for Ramadan
In the works
– Shipment of 43 tons of essential medical supplies for disaster triage and field emergency response
– Deployed a 4 member emergency medical team to Gaza to provide critical medical care. We plan on following up with more medical teams.
– Delivered a donation of medical equipment and supplies to Al Aqsa Hospital
– Daily patient care and donating crucial supplies for the ICU & ER units of two hospitals


Despite the hardships we press on, with your generosity and support. Each life we touch brings hope to one more individual. Keep the donations coming.

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