COVID-19 Tips

*NOTE:* IMANA Does NOT Provide the Covid Vaccine. The content provided on our Covid-19 page and the affiliated links are for informational/educational purposes only. We do not administer the vaccine in any way, nor do we make appointments for the vaccine. Please contact your medical provider in your state for information on how to make an appointment for the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Tips

What is a Vaccine?

Current vaccines contain safe amounts of weakened or killed virus (unable to replicate) so your own immune system can make antibodies against a virus.

What is this new method being used for the COVID-19 vaccine?

Pfizer and Moderna are using a new method to make vaccines: using messenger RNA (mRNA), something the body uses everyday, that is specially coded for the COVID-19 virus (spike protein, also known as an antigen). This does not change your DNA

Updates on vaccines

Oxford-AstraZeneca and the J&J vaccines are halal and permissible for use although other vaccines without ethical issues (e.g, mRNA vaccines) are preferable when available.

*Long term safety data and effectiveness will continue for the next 2 years.

What happened to the vaccine trials?

In both trials, there were ~74,000 participants who did NOT have COVID-19 (ages 18+). Some were high-risk patients and from diverse ethnicities. They were given 2 injections approximately 1 month apart. Both were 95% effective in preventing COVID-19. The vaccines also lowered the severity of the infection. The J&J vaccine has shown 72% effectiveness

What are the side effects of the vaccine?

Fatigue, fever, headache and redness at the injection site (these usually happened after the second injection). These side effects resolve fairly quickly and are also seen with other vaccines.

How does a vaccine get approved?

It goes through intense medical review, data safety monitoring boards, vaccine project monitoring boards, and the CDC advisory committee. They are an independent group of scientists with no connections to government or drug companies.

Is the vaccine halal?

It is the majority opinion that the Pfizer-Moderna vaccines are Shariah-compliant. They do NOT have pork products or dead tissue remains.

Can I stop wearing a mask and stop social distancing?

While we are still collecting information on the vaccines, you still have to practice prevention measures to stop the spread of the disease: wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance.

How can I get the vaccine?

Now that the first phase is completed, vaccine access is state-dependent. Please visit your local state public health department for more information on how to get the vaccine

Truths About Covid-19

Covid-19 is Real and people have died from it

Covid-19 cases are dramatically increasing daily – The virus has NOT gone away

It is NOT like the flu – it is more contagious

You can STILL spread the virus and not have symptoms

When going out in public, wear a mask and stay at least 6-feet away from others. Continue to cover your mouth/face when you sneeze/cough with your elbow or a tissue

Younger people are getting the virus and some are dying from lung problems, stroke, and inflammatory conditions which may be linked to Covid-19

People are still dying from Covid-19, especially in black/brown communities, in the prison systems and amongst elderly populations

There is NO FDA approved curative treatment for Covid-19

Even though a Covid-19 vaccine is in process, it will NOT treat Covid-19 and we still have to take the virus seriously

If you fall ill for any reason, do not delay care or avoid going to the hospital. There is a rising number of deaths from heart attacks, strokes, and chronic medical diseases amongst people who are avoiding care for fear of going to the hospital

Testing is available. The results are not 100% accurate

If you have symptoms with a negative test, continue to self-isolate for 2 weeks

Bleach and cleaning products should NOT be ingested or inhaled

Continue to wash your hands frequently

Social distancing slows the spread of Covid-19

Do NOT take any medications for Covid-19 (like hydroxychloroquine or “Plaquenil”) without speaking to your doctor first

There are many conspiracy theories out there. Please
talk to your doctor or visit a trusted source of information: CDC, WHO, IMANA (

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