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The Zahir family has been involved with IMANA since the 70s and each family member has made a profound impact to further IMANA’s mission. Learn more about why the Zahir family is passionate about being a part of IMANA.

The following members of the Zahir family are featured in this video:
Dr. Syed Zahir, IMANA Past President
Dr. Khalique Zahir, IMANA Board Member
Dr. Lubna Zahir, IMANA Life Member
IMANA Volunteers:
Zain Zahir
Sara Zahir
Rhea Zahir
Zaib Zahir

Madihah Alam

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Medicine in 2023

School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Personal Quote

My first reaction to reading the scholarship award email was…Alhamdullilah and all praises be to Allah SWT, my parent’s and my dua is being answered. I quickly called my family and told them “It’s the best day ever!” I am truly humbled and grateful to have been awarded the IMANA scholarship. My career aspiration has always been to become a physician and help people with their health in their most vulnerable time. I aspire to be the one who treats my patients and provides them with a sense of hope and recovery until I exhaust all options. By awarding this scholarship to me, IMANA has provided me with the hope and financial support to reach my potential. This scholarship will help relieve some of the financial burden I have towards achieving my dream. Just as IMANA promotes healthcare access, my vision is to expand access and advocate for healthcare availability to all individuals. I believe in patient-centered care and this prospect of healing others drives my motivation for medicine. As a future Muslim physician, I will utilize the core values of humanity that Islam teaches me…”

Family Quote

“Alhamdulillah. My sincere gratitude to the donors for choosing my daughter as the recipient. Madihah’s name means praiseworthy and that is truly something she has always been. We are so proud of her accomplishment and wish the best for her always insha’Allah. As a parent, I think my child is the best but when we heard that she won an award, we remembered our little princess girl who is now becoming a great doctor, masha’Allah.”

“Despite Madihah being my younger sister, she is truly my role model in every way. I aspire to be like her and am so proud of everything she does. When I think of my sister, I think of sunshine because she truly embodies how I feel sunshine feels. She is the kindest and most hardworking woman I know, masha’Allah. When she told me about her award, my eyes immediately filled with tears because my sister is being recognized for the great student she is…” (Older Sister, Dr. Sidrah Alam)

Adam Aicha Hanne

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Pharmacy in 2023

School: University of North Carolina School of Medicine – Chapel Hill

Personal Quote
Receiving this prestigious scholarship from IMANA is an incredible honor, and I am truly humbled and grateful. It not only empowers me to further my studies but also serves as a tremendous source of motivation and encouragement to excel academically. Your organization’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of pharmacists and promoting excellence in healthcare is truly inspiring. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills I gain during my pharmacy program to make a positive difference in the lives of patients and the broader community. Your belief in my potential reinforces my commitment to upholding the values and principles that IMANA stands for. I promise to work diligently, both academically and professionally, to honor the trust you have bestowed upon me. With the support of IMANA, I am excited to embark on this new academic journey, and I look forward to representing the organization with utmost dedication and integrity.
Family Quote

“Congratulations, I am very happy for you and make good use of this opportunity, and make great things happen”

– (Fatou Baradji, older sister)

“Congratulations, you deserve it because of all your hard work. Your hard work is paying off. Just make sure to stay on your path of completion, your journey in pharmacy school is almost over”

– (Habi Hanne, older sister)

Yahya Fouad

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Dentistry in 2023

School: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Personal Quote
I am deeply honored and grateful to be awarded this scholarship, as it symbolizes the recognition of my hard work, dedication, and potential. This opportunity is not only a testament to my academic achievements but also a testament to the support and encouragement I have received from my loved ones, mentors, and community. With this scholarship, I am inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge, making a positive impact in my field, and striving to be a catalyst for change. I humbly embrace the responsibility that comes with this honor and commit to using this opportunity to serve others, uplift those around me, and contribute to the advancement of society. I am thankful for this invaluable chance to pursue my dreams and fulfill my purpose.
Family Quote

“Congratulations on being awarded the scholarship! We couldn’t be prouder of your hard work and dedication. We are beyond thrilled to see your talents and efforts recognized. This achievement is a testament to your determination and the bright future that lies ahead. Keep chasing your dreams, and remember that your family will always be here to support and celebrate your successes. We believe in you and are excited to witness the amazing things you’ll accomplish with this scholarship by your side”

Melissa Martinez

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Allied Health in 2023

School: Roseman University of Health Sciences

Personal Quote

This scholarship represents more than just monetary support. It serves as a recognition of my hard work, dedication, and potential in the field of nursing. It validates my commitment to pursuing excellence in my academic endeavors and affirms my belief that I have chosen the right path for my future. Beyond the immediate impact on my personal and academic life, this scholarship also carries with it a profound sense of responsibility. It reminds me of the importance of paying it forward and giving back to my community. I am determined to utilize my nursing skills and knowledge to serve those in need, particularly underserved populations who may lack access to quality healthcare. This scholarship motivates me to pursue excellence in my studies so that one day, I can make a tangible difference in the lives of patients and their families…

Family Quote

“I received support and excitement from my family and friends, who showered me with blessings and words of encouragement. They expressed their profound belief in my abilities and assured me that this scholarship was a stepping stone towards a future filled with success and fulfillment. The enthusiasm and unwavering support from my family and friends filled me with gratitude and reminded me of the incredible network of love and encouragement that surrounds me. Their words and gestures will continue to serve as a reminder of the importance of their presence and belief in my journey as I strive to make a positive impact in the field of nursing. “

Ahmed Ayantayo

Awarded $5,000 from IMANA’s Second Chance Scholarship in 2023

School: Wayne State University School of Medicine

Personal Quote
Alhamdulillah, I am extremely grateful for this award as it would alleviate some of the constraints to my education. I greatly appreciate the efforts of the organizers and donors to this noble cause of IMANA.
Family Quote

Congratulations, Ahmed!! Keep up the great work!! Allahuma Baarik, O son of Ayantayo!!, Keep making us proud.

Asmaa Mahoui

Awarded $2,500 from the Zahir Family Scholarship in 2023

School: University of California – Berkeley

Personal Quote
Alhamdullilah, all thanks are due to the most High. I am deeply honored to be awarded this scholarship and will use it as a continual reminder to serve my community.
Family Quote

“Mashallah! It’s so heartwarming to see a Muslim foundation supporting young women in medicine.”


Seema Al-Shaikhli

Awarded $2,500 from the Zahir Family Scholarship in 2023

School: Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University

Personal Quote
This scholarship is a tremendous honor for me as a Muslim medical student who is driven by a deep commitment to serving marginalized populations, particularly our own Muslim community.
Family Quote

“I’m incredibly proud of Seema for receiving this scholarship! Her dedication to serving our Muslim community through medicine is truly inspiring.”

Randa Bosh

Awarded $2,500 from the Fehmida & Zafarullah Farooqi Nursing Scholarship in 2023

School: University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing

Personal Quote
Upon reading my award letter, I was filled with excitement. I am so grateful to be receiving this scholarship. It is definitely a blessing and I give thanks to everyone who played a part in making this possible. The best part about this scholarship is the organization and its mission, which i strongly value. I plan on pursuing a doctorate level nursing degree, with emphasis on advocating for underserved populations. Thank you IMANA and the donors.
Family Quote

“Wow you’re very lucky, it’s your chance. Mashallah”


“Good job! keep up the good work and it will for sure pay off. Both asked about the scholarship and I explained the medical relief programs as well as the mission and goals of the organization. because they thought I would be going to another college haha. They also love that it is coming from a Muslim organization. Overall they are happy for me!”


Isra Hamdi

Awarded $3,000 from the Kaleem-Hundal Family Scholarship in 2023

School: Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

Personal Quote
I am so grateful to Allah, the donors, and the scholarship committee for providing me the support to pursue my dream. My life’s mission is to decrease inequity in healthcare, and this funding will help me work toward that.
Family Quote

Praise be to Allah! We are so proud of Isra for everything she has already accomplished and excited to see the trajectory of her career! Inshallah!

Ahmed Gawash

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Medicine in 2022

“Alhamdullilah. Thank you very much to the IMANA Scholarship committee and the donors of the medical scholarship for providing this scholarship to medical students such as myself. This scholarship will go a long way to aid me in tuition and question banks for the upcoming school year. Furthermore, this scholarship has inspired me to host my own scholarship after my residency graduation for students in need like myself. Thank you again for this scholarship.”

Andre Anderson

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Pharmacy in 2022

“Words can’t describe my joy from seeing I was awarded the 2022 IMANA Scholarship, representing pharmacy. Without support from donors such as yourself, many individuals including myself may not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. As an aspiring pharmacist, I aim to prioritize patient care and advocate for the underserved with limited healthcare accessibility. Your support has made this goal of mine closer in reach and for that I thank you!”

Emerald Karic

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Dentistry in 2022

“When I first received the notification after school, I had to re-read the email twice! Reading the email for a second time my heart began racing and I could not contain myself and my emotions. I smiled with glee and jumped with joy! I felt as if all the hours studying, practicing, and learning I have done up to this point in my life is being recognized. Being one of the first major scholarships that I have ever been awarded in my educational path, it is a great honor and excitement to be the recipient of the IMANA Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship supports my passions and reinforces my dedication to becoming the best dentist I aspire to be. This award allows me to continue my education and commitment on being a leader and healthcare provider to all those in need. Thank you, IMANA, for believing in me and having me represent you as the 2022 IMANA Scholarship Recipient! I will continue to uphold my values as well as yours in becoming a young leader of the healthcare community.”

Shauna Cheshire

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Allied Health in 2022

“I am so excited and thankful to receive this scholarship award. It is a great blessing to my family and me now and long into the future. Thank you so much to IMANA and the generous donors who make this scholarship award possible.”

Mahnur Khan

Awarded $5,000 from IMANA’s Second Chance Scholarship 2022

“Alhamdulilah, I am so grateful and honored to have been chosen as the recipient of this scholarship! Thank you to IMANA for supporting me in my medical school journey.”

Khawla Suhaila

Awarded $2,500 from The Zahir Family Scholarship in 2022

“I appreciate the support from IMANA through this scholarship during my medical education. As I approach the interview process, I will have the financial resource to apply and visit more residency programs. I hope to contribute to my global community through medicine and public health. Thank you to this organization for supporting students in the health care field so that we can make a positive impact.”

Sara Al-Zubi

Awarded $2,500 in The Zahir Family Scholarship in 2022

“I am incredibly thankful for the support of the IMANA Scholarship and Dr. Zahir during my medical journey. It means a lot to me and I feel honored to represent my Muslim community. Islam has taught be how to be human and to love people and care for them in the best of ways. As future doctors, we are humbled that patients trust us when they are most vulnerable. This is a gift that must be taken with great responsibility. It brings me peace knowing that for the rest of my life I will be working with people on their healing and medical journeys.”

Madison Lord

Awarded $2,500 in the Fehmida & Zafarullah Farooqi Nursing Scholarship in  2022

“I am so honored to be awarded the Fehmida & Zafarullah Farooqi Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship will help me pursue my nursing career goals – including continuing my education to attain a doctoral degree and becoming an innovative, compassionate leader in the world of health and medicine.”

Iman Mahoui

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Medicine in 2021

“Alhamdullilah, all praises and thanks be to God. I am grateful and honored to have been awarded the IMANA scholarship, and I am determined to support my community the way it has always uplifted and elevated me.”

Momitul Talukdar

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Pharmacy in 2021

“I’d first like to thank Allah, for He has graced me with opportunities that are not of my hand nor any other human hand. I would also like to thank IMANA for this award, it is quite the honor to be receiving this scholarship.”

Basant Sallam

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Dentistry in 2021 

“I am very grateful for being awarded this generous scholarship! Thank you for believing in my vision of my career. I hope to one day give back to another student through the program just as I was awarded.”

Brian M. Tromp

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Allied Health in 2021

“I am incredibly grateful to be chosen as the allied healthcare recipient for the IMANA Scholarship. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support as I begin attaining my doctorate in physical therapy! I would not be here today if it were not for my faith, work ethic and support from family and friends throughout my high school and undergraduate experience. Thank you again for your support in helping me further my education.”

Safi Khattab

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Medicine in 2021

“It’s an honor being a Muslim Arab and receiving a scholarship from an organization such as IMANA. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to become a major part of IMANA as a physician in the future!”

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