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There is value in education – it shapes perspectives, enriches the intellect, and opens a world of possibilities. IMANA is committed to being a part of this process for future healthcare professionals as we endeavor to shape the future of healthcare.

Our Scholarship Program annually provides a one-time award to financially assist full-time students pursuing a career across one of the many healthcare paths available.

IMANA currently offers scholarships in the following fields:

The 2023-2024 cycle is now closed. Our next cycle for applications will open Fall 2024

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]


Who is eligible?
Applications are only open to students in the United States attending a US accredited institution. Also, each scholarship has additional requirements that determine qualification.
What are the requirements for scholarships?

Each scholarship has its own qualifications which can be found on the ‘Scholarships’ tab at For all our scholarships, the student must:

  • be a U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and
  • be attending a US accredited institution.
What is considered Health Care / Allied Health?

All the following professions fall into Health care / Allied Health:

    • Anesthesiologist assistant
    • Anesthesia technologist/technician
    • Anesthesia technology
    • Athletic trainer
    • Audiologists
    • Cardiovascular technologists and technicians
    • Cardiovascular technology
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Behavioral disorder counselors
    • Clinical laboratory workers   
    • Medical technologist 
    • Medical laboratory technologist
    • Medical laboratory scientist   
    • Medical and clinical laboratory technicians
    • Cytotechnology
    • Dental hygienists
    • Dental assistants  
    • Dental laboratory technicians 
    • Diagnostic medical sonography  
    • Diagnostic medical sonographers
    • Dietitians  
    • Dietetic technicians  
    • Dietetic assistants  
    • Registered dietitian 
    • Nutritionists 
    • Electroneurodiagnostic technologist 
    • Electroneurodiagnostic technology
    • Emergency Medical Technician EMT 
    • Paramedic   
    • Exercise science
    • Personal fitness trainer 
    • Podiatric Medicine/Podiatry
    • Exercise physiologist
    • Exercise science
    • Exercise physiology 
    • Exercise science 
    • Personal fitness training
    • Genetic assistants
    • Health Administration
    • Health information technologists  
    • Health information administrators ; 
    • Health information management
    • Health educators
    • Histotechnologist
    • Home health aides
    • Kinesiotherapist   
    • Kinesiotherapy
    • Lactation Consultant
    • Marriage and family therapists
    • Magnetic resonance technologist
    • Medical assistant  
    • Medical assisting
    • Medical dosimetrist
    • Medical illustrator
    • Medical illustration
    • Medical librarian
    • Mental health counselors
    • Music therapist
    • Medical transcriptionists
    • Nerve conduction studies technologist
    • Nuclear medicine technologist 
    • Occupational therapists  
    • Occupational therapy assistants    
    • Occupational therapist aides
    • Ophthalmic medical assistants  
    • Optometric assistants and technicians   
    • Paraoptometrician
    • Orthotics and Prosthetics  
    • Orthoptist   
    • Orthotic and prosthetic technician
    • Other social and mental health service workers
    • Perfusionist 
    • Pharmacy assistants  
    • Pharmacy Aides 
    • Pharmacy technicians
    • Physical therapists   
    • Physical therapy assistants    
    • Physical therapist aides
    • Physician assistants
    • Podiatric assistants
    • Poetry therapist
    • Polysomnographic technologist 
    • Polysomnographic technology
    • Psychiatric aids 
    • Psychiatric technicians
    • Radiation Therapists
    • Radiologic service workers  
    • Radiologist assistant 
    • Radiologic technologist 
    • Radiologic technician   
    • Radiology administrator
    • Recreational Therapist  
    • Recreational therapy
    • Rehabilitation counselors 
    • Other rehabilitation service workers
    • Respiratory therapy workers   
    • Respiratory therapist  
    • Specialist in blood bank technology/transfusion medicine
    • Speech pathologist 
    • Speech –language therapists
    • Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors
    • Surgical technologist    
    • Operating room technicians  
    • Surgical assistant   
    • Surgical assisting
    • Surgical technology
    • Surgical Neurophysiologist
    • Vocational rehabilitation counselors
How many Scholarships are available?
From IMANA’s Endowment Fund:
There are 4 IMANA scholarships with an award of $5,000 each. One scholarship will be given in each of the following fields:

  • Medical School
  • Dentistry School
  • Pharmacy School

Donor Supported Scholarships:
The Zahir Family Scholarship provides for two awards of $2500 each, for students pursuing medicine or allied health.

The Fehmida & Zafarullah Farooqi Scholarship provides for one award of $2500 for a student pursuing nursing, and an interest in art therapy.

The Kaleem-Hundal Family Scholarship provides one award of $3,000 for a student pursuing optometry or medicine (specializing in ophthalmology).

The Professor and Mrs. Musahib-UD-Din Khan Scholarship provides two awards of $5,000 each, for students pursuing medicine.

The IMANA-FEF Combined Allied Health Professional Scholarship provides a recurring award of $2,500 for a student pursuing an allied health field.

The IMANA Staff Second Chance Scholarship provides for one award of $5,000 for a student in the original medical school applicant review.

What will be needed for the application?
In addition to your demographic information, our general application requires your unofficial transcript, FAFSA student aid report (SAR), resume, two letters of recommendation, and an essay answer. Our donor supported scholarships may have additional requirements to complete following the general application.
What is the timeline of the Scholarship Program?
The application cycle is open from September to March. Following the deadline in March, reviewing will begin in April and conclude in June. Applicants will receive a notification of their application status in June.
When are the winners announced?
Those selected as awardees of each scholarship will be contacted and then formally announced by IMANA in June after the review process concludes.
How and when are the awards distributed?
IMANA will send checks directly to the student’s school.

Awards will be distributed at the beginning of the next academic school year’s fall semester. For example, the winners of the 2021-2022 application cycle will receive their award in the Fall 2022 semester.

As a DACA status individual I do not have a FAFSA. What should I do?
IMANA uses the Student Activities Report (SAR) from the FAFSA. Students with DACA status may simply upload a document that states they have not filed a FAFSA. It is understood that these students do not receive financial aid in most states.
My program is on a Pass/Fail grading system, what should I enter for my GPA?
If you have passed/completed all of your coursework with no outstanding issues, you may enter a 4.00 GPA. Our application requires you to also upload a copy of your transcript, which will be reviewed in conjunction with your entered GPA to ensure honesty.

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