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IMANA proudly offers free cataract surgeries in remote and underserved areas of Bangladesh in collaboration with BDesh Foundation. Since 2022, the program has had 1,313 beneficiaries.

IMR built the MAAWS-IMANA Health Complex in rural Noakhali district in 2012, and supported its operating expenses for several years. IMR also purchased a variety of diagnostic equipment for this hospital which provides much needed healthcare facilities to the local population. Till date, the health center has treated over 13,600 patients.

IMR’s most extensive medical mission has been the ServeRohingya project which has been running since December 2017.  Initially launched as an emergency response, the needs necessitated it to be continued. Both local and international volunteer physicians have provided free healthcare to over 405,000 refugees till the end of 2022.

Additionally, IMR surgical burns mission teams have carried out dozens of complex plastic surgery procedures free of cost, in Dhaka.

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IMANA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to IMANA and IMANA Medical Relief are tax exempt. Tax ID: #36-4166125