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Making a difference in India

IMR established 4 diabetes centers, a diagnostic center, a BHU, an urgent care clinic, and a dialysis center in Hyderabad. Recently we funded an additional primary care center and establishing a pharmacy. We contribute the operating funds to all these facilities to provide free treatment to around 48,000 local patients annually.
Since the beginning of this health care project, 411,817 patients have received free treatment through 2022.

Our history in India:

2007: (Srinagar-Kashmir) Financially supported medicine and rehabilitation hospital

2009: Financially supported women’s health center (Salamah Hospital)

2013: Established diabetic center for treating/educating local diabetic population of over 1,800 patients, and providing lab services for over 9,000 annually

2014: Contributed $50,000 for the establishment of a new basic health unit and financial support of operations for existing diabetic centers and diagnostics lab to provide free treatment to local population

2014: (Srinagar-Kashmir) Airlifted 2 IEHKs for treatment of people displaced by devastating monsoon floods.

2015: Contributed $50,000 to provide free treatment to the local population at the existing diabetic centers and the newly-established basic health center

2016: Contributed $50,000 for diabetes clinics and health center, treating over 40,621 patients

2017: Contributed $54,000 to provide free treatment to local population at the existing diabetic clinics and basic health center. Over 35,877 patients treated

2018: Provided a grant of $75,000 to cover existing programs and also to provide much-needed maternity care and hemodialysis. 40,799 patients treated.

2019: 58,248 patients were treated at all the facilities combined, with our $75,000 grant.

2020: 26,497 patients received free treatment till the end of September this year.

2021: IMANA procured and airlifted over 22 tons of equipment and supplies to India for distribution among Covid designated public and private hospitals. This included 68 ventilators, 350 voltage converters, 519 oxygen concentrators, 109,100 nasal cannulas and 40,950 nonrebreathers. Additionally, 71,015 patients received free treatment, including 6,012 lab tests, throughout the year.

2022: 82,430 patients received free treatment at all healthcare facilities.

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