Dr. Imran Qureshi

Radiologist, Illinois

Imran Qureshi, MD is a diagnostic radiology specialist in Aurora, IL. He currently practices at Valley Imaging Consultants, LLC and is affiliated with Rush Copley Medical Center. Dr. Qureshi completed medical school at the University of Rochester School of Medical & Dentistry. Following his education, he was board-certified by the American Board of Interventional Radiology and Diagnostic. Dr. Qureshi was the former President of IMANA and has completed several IMR medical relief missions. He is defined by his life-long devotion to helping others.
Message from Dr. Imran Qureshi

Medical Missions

Bahamas 2009

Bangladesh 2019

Gaza 2009

Pakistan 2005

“In Palestine, the lack of an integrated health care system leaves its traumatized population with a system that’s ill-equipped to help, making IMANA’s presence in the region all the more important to care for these vulnerable children”

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