Dr. Nabile Safdar

Radiologist, Georgia

Nabile Safdar, MD is a scientist and board-certified radiologist who practices at Emory HealthCare in Atlanta and other hospitals including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He is a board member for IMANA and for the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that serves the Muslim and broader community by building bridges of understanding and mutual respect.

Dr. Safdar is an observant Muslim, and his personal and professional life are shaped daily by his faith. Born to parents who immigrated to the US in the 1970s from Pakistan, Dr. Safdar is married to Rabeea Janua, a physician at the V.A. Hospital in Atlanta. He and his wife reside in Milton, GA with their four daughters.

Medical Missions

Haiti 2010

Jordan 2019

“I started off as a volunteer with IMANA in 2010 and ever since then have stayed with the organization because of the incredible quality of people I’ve met along the way. Each person inspires me to purify my niyyah and strive a little harder. I’ve received so much more than I’ve ever given.”

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