Share the Knowledge: IMANA aims to raise awareness amongst healthcare providers and students on the culturally compentent care of Muslim patients. These resources are available for mail order to distribute in hospitals, clinics and for patients with experiential advice from Muslim healthcare providers.  

IMANA aims to educate the Muslim community and public at large in the areas of disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The IMANA Public Health Committee provides guidelines on maintaining personal health care, facilitates research on health issues affecting American-Muslims.


Journal of the Islamic Medical Association of North America


IMANA Statement on the Adverse Impact of President’s Executive Order on Immigration

IMANA’s Joint Statement on the Coronavirus

Future of Medical Care and Education under Immigration Policy Change

IMANA’s Statement on the Question of Force Feeding Hunger Striking Detainees in US Custody

The Use of Physicians for Human Torture

Human Breast Milk Banking

IMANA Calls Climate Crisis a Public Health Emergency, and Commits to Immediate Action

Muslim Patient Care

Medical Ethics from an Islamic Perspective

Free Medical Clinics

Use of Heparin

Purity of Vaccines

Introduction to Menstruation

Introduction to Mental Health


Diet and Islam

Fasting in Ramadan and Muslim Patients

Understanding the Effects of Alcohol

Food Insecurity and Health

Environmental Health and Islam


Charity Clinic 101: IMANA’s Guide to Operating a Charity Clinic


IMANA Education Webinars

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