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The Rohingya refugees continue to face a dire health crisis within the congested refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Stranded without access to even basic medical aid, their plight remains critical. IMANA's dedicated volunteer physicians have been a beacon of hope, offering free healthcare to 409,149 refugees by the close of 2022. The dusty, uneven paths of their makeshift shelters bear witness to the patients' desperate journey for medical care.

In response to this crisis, IMANA Medical Relief swiftly launched the SaveRohingya Medical mission in December 2017. Our ongoing presence in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh is sustained through mobile clinics operating within the refugee camps, a collaboration with local partners. Despite challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic, our mission persists.

It is our collective duty to safeguard this vulnerable population. In the face of one of the world's most challenging humanitarian crises, with your support we can deliver urgent medical care.

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Our Mission

IMANA's medical mission in the Rohingya refugee camps has achieved remarkable milestones, providing care to over 400,000 patients. Through weekly clinics within the camps, our commitment to serving refugees is fostering improved health and well-being among this marginalized community.

However, the mission faces a daunting challenge due to declining media coverage and donor engagement. Despite this, it remains one of IMANA’s most impactful and resource-intensive initiatives, offering critical care to refugees every week. The positive impact on the health and well-being of these refugees is palpable, yet sustaining the mission demands your generous support. IMANA relies on the kindness of supporters like you to continue delivering care and making a lasting impact on refugees' lives.

Since 2017, our mission in Bangladesh has conducted 185 medical missions, mobilized 744 volunteers, and treated 409,149 patients. To sustain this vital work, we need to raise $300,000.

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