Imana Sri Lanka Healthcare Campaign

IMANA Medical Relief:

Together, We Can Change Lives

IMANA is committed to providing essential healthcare access to underserved communities. In Sri Lanka, our Ummah Clinic in Athulugama is a lifeline for the local population, offering free comprehensive and affordable healthcare where it's needed the most.

Empowering Accessible Healthcare

IMANA's mission is clear: to provide accessible healthcare where it's needed the most. Since 2013, in collaboration with AAMMF, we have championed the Ummah Clinic. This clinic has become a beacon of healthcare for the community, offering vital services that would otherwise be out of reach for many. 

We are blessed to have supported its annual operating expenses with a total of $25,000 and we’re looking to increase its reach to support even more people in need of healthcare.

To continue this vital work and protect even more lives, we’re seeking to raise $30,000. By contributing to the Ummah Clinic in Athulugama, you will directly impact the lives of those who rely on the Ummah Clinic for their health and well-being.

Join us in ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to comprehensive and affordable healthcare. Your generosity can make a world of difference.

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Making an Impact

The numbers speak for themselves – each year, the Ummah Clinic has made a significant impact:

  • 2014: 10,855 patients received free treatment
  • 2015: 11,507 patients received free treatment
  • 2016: 11,821 patients received free treatment
  • 2017: 12,407 patients received free treatment
  • 2018: 11,953 patients received free treatment
  • 2019: 12,270 patients received free treatment
  • 2020: 10,366 patients received free treatment
  • 2021: 15,135 patients received free treatment
  • 2022: 21,129 patients received free treatment

IMANA's dedication to healthcare extends across borders, transforming lives and creating a healthier world. Join us in our endeavor to provide accessible and quality healthcare to those who need it most in Sri Lanka. Your support is a beacon of hope, making an indelible impact on individuals and communities.