Dr. Taqi Salaam

DNAP, CRNA, Illinois

After experiencing international travel as a teenager, Taqi Salaam, MD has dedicated his adulthood to urban socio-political movements and bringing love and mercy to others. A graduate of Midwestern University and Arizona University for his (DNAP) with honors, he has pivoted into academia to prepare the next generation of medical and healthcare professionals here in the US and across the world. As a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), Dr. Salaam has been an active IMANA volunteer, traveling to Palestine — focusing on burn patients and congenital and traumatic hand abnormalities — and Sudan to repair cleft lips, offering patients a brighter future

Medical Missions

Gaza 2019

Palestine West Bank 2018

Sudan 2016, 2018

US Virgin Islands 2020

“In Palestine, the lack of an integrated health care system leaves its traumatized population with a system that’s ill-equipped to help, making IMANA’s presence in the region all the more important to care for these vulnerable children”

Across IMANA’s programs we meet so many who could use your support. Please consider joining me in supporting one of the following causes:

1. Capacity Building – building and developing health centers
2. Surgical and medical missions
3. Feeding and delivering various types of humanitarian aid to those in need