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With this kind gesture you have shared with us the desire to help others and the common values of being dedicated to creating equity within humanity. Countless individuals and future generations have been impacted by your generosity. We are only able to do the work we do because of your support. For this, we will forever thank you. Please continue to follow IMANA and the work we are doing, to raise your hands in prayer for our continued ability to serve, and to consider us as a conduit for your philanthropy.

Jazakumullah Khairan (May God reward you with goodness).

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How to Prepare for Ramadan: A Spiritual Guide

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Are You Ready for Ramadan 2023?

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The State of Global Poverty in 2023

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How IMANA’s Educational Scholarships are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

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The Muslim Family and Its Role within Society

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The Evolution of Islamic Medicine and How It Can Change Lives

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