Zahid Mahmood


Director of Operations

Zahid Mahmood joined IMANA in 2013, bringing with him a diverse and varied experience in planning & operations, administration and business management. His service in the navy and government of Pakistan gave him extensive experience in operations, coordination, general organization, personnel and team building, project and event management. In the navy, he served in the operations branch in various operational and staff appointments at unit, squadron and headquarter levels at successively higher leadership positions. He later got to work for the national airline where he dealt with employee logistics & welfare, transport functions, and corporate real estate and buildings management.
He got to travel extensively as part of his duties giving him the opportunity to develop the ability to navigate working with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
Mahmood moved to the US in the year 2000, and worked in different capacities till becoming a part of IMANA. Among these were owning and operating an educational supplies & teachers’ resource materials business, as well as being the office manager at a textiles import company, a travel agency and a real estate brokerage.
In his capacity as Director of Operations, Mahmood oversees all medical relief work including medical and surgical missions, and healthcare projects worldwide.

Medical Missions

Puerto Rico 2022

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