A Call To Serve Syria Together

14 March 2024

serve syria

Since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, over 12 million Syrians have been forcibly displaced. International humanitarian laws have been violated, inflicting pain, loss, suffering, and devastation that have been exacerbated by the destructive February 2023 earthquake.
More than ever, the world needs to come together to uplift millions of Syrian lives. If you’re looking for ways to help, join the Islamic Medical Association of North America’s (IMANA) Serve Syria program.

What Are the Main Needs of Syria Today?

Syrians find themselves in dire need of shelter, education, healthcare, food and economic stability. In the healthcare sector, it is estimated that over over 12.2 million Syrians are in dire need of health assistance. This number has increased in the past year due to the devastating earthquake, leaving only 66 hospitals functional. Unfortunately, Syria’s healthcare systems don’t have enough specialized equipment to cater to the needs of its people, especially in northern Syria where a large number of internally displaced Syrians have taken refuge. Many of them are grappling with epidemic-prone outbreaks like cholera due to dense living conditions, damaged water networks, and poor sanitation facilities.

Beyond physical conditions, the Syrian conflict has also had a severe psychological impact on its people. In a 2008 study, an estimated 1 million people are suffering from severe psychiatric disorders and there are only 80 psychiatrists working in the territories.
It’s expected that this number has grown after the earthquake. Out of 994,500 individuals with mental disorders and 229,500 with severe mental issues, there are only 24 psychologists. That’s 200,000 people per psychologist.

What Is IMANA Doing To Help Syrians?

In 2022, 85% of Syrian households were unable to meet their basic needs. This was only made worse by the earthquake that ravaged the northern parts of the country where the bulk of the internally displaced Syrians have taken refuge.
As an institution dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering, IMANA has been delivering life-saving supplies to the displaced refugees in Syria and Turkey since 2012. Through Serve Syria, we have been providing food, medical care, and winter survival kits, among other essentials, both inside and outside Syria.

In 2016, we began deploying quarterly medical teams to Jordan that provided free comprehensive healthcare to 35,258 patients till the end of 2023. These missions focus mainly on the urban refugee population in and around Amman, which comprises of almost 80% displaced Syrians in Jordan who are outside the UN managed camps. In collaboration with our local partners, we’re on a mission to deliver critical humanitarian assistance to these refugees, as well those from Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and other countries.

IMANA also runs a cataract surgery program in Jordan, which has conducted 877 free cataract surgeries in Amman and Aqaba since 2016.

In 2022, IMANA launched a maternity care program for Syrian refugee women in Istanbul, Turkiye, who do not have access to public health facilities. It provides comprehensive coverage including monthly checkups, consultancy, medications up to and including delivery.
Another program provides rehabilitation and physiotherapy services for autistic and physically handicapped Syrian refugee children in Sanliurfa, Turkiye, close to the Syrian border.

Following the 2023 earthquake IMANA contributed funds towards emergency medical services in the border regions, and also provided child nutrition packages to 663 families. Thereafter IMANA launched a mobile clinics program inside northern Syria which provided free treatment to 21,998 IDPs till December 2023 at different camps near Jinderes and Al-Rai. This program is continuing into 2024.

Following an exploratory trip to northern Syria by members of its medical relief committee, IMANA is on the verge to conduct it’s first surgery mission in April this year. Its surgeons will help the local hospitals with advanced plastic surgeries and training of their surgical teams.

How Can You Help Those Affected by the Syrian Crisis?

Your help and participation can have a lasting impact on the lives of Syrians affected by the ongoing crisis. As with any humanitarian situation, it’s best to donate funds that allow on-the-ground teams to prioritize life-saving activities.

We also offer volunteer opportunities that enable healthcare professionals to come to the aid of displaced Syrian inside and outside their country.

Join Us in Bringing Hope and Help to Syrian Communities in Need

It is incredibly important to Serve Syria with long-term support. This will ensure their well-being and help end the humanitarian crisis that has left many Syrian nationals strangers in their own nation as well as in Jordan and Turkiye.
We urge you to make a donation or if you have a medical background, volunteer for one of our medical missions.

Together, we can make a difference.