IMANA Education Committee Chair Dr. Amber Khan will be presenting at the ISNA Education Summit, to be held at the Westin O’Hare hotel near Chicago. Below are details for the workshop.

Saturday, April 20

2:00-3:15 PM
LaSalle B
Islamic Reproductive and Sexual Health Education
Amber Khan, MD

One of the greatest challenges our youth face in today’s time is understanding their sexuality. From their physical
and mental changes to society’s sexual pressures, to their spiritual obligations, youth feel a great sense of
confusion. Who they turn to for help in understanding reproductive and sexual health is limited to secular
resources, even within Islamic school health classes. While this provides a great benefit, it leaves out the Islamic
component. Come learn how we as educators can better answer our Muslim youth in providing knowledge on their
physical, mental, social, and spiritual health needs.

Dr. Amber Khan has devoted her medical training to health promotion and preventive medicine in various
underprivileged communities. She served as a health educator at several schools and community centers focusing
on nutrition, physical education, self-esteem, drugs and alcohol, common medical illnesses, preventive medicine,
reproductive health, and sexual health. She is currently the chairperson of the Education Committee for the Islamic
Medical Association in North America (IMANA). She teaches preventive health education at the Detroit free clinic,
HUDA. She also provides Islamic health talks for MYNA, ICNA, and ISNA. She leads discussions on women’s health,
mental health, spiritual health, and is a volunteer Muslim chaplain at women’s correctional facilities. She holds an
associates degree in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University.

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