“You can make a difference, one person, one situation at a time,” is what Dr. Charles Nelson Held, MD Internal Medicine Pulmonary in North Nevada adheres by. He has been an integral member of the IMANA Medical Relief team for the past 6 years on all Haiti missions since the 2010 earthquake.

The most difficult part of being a medical personnel in a disaster torn country according to Dr. Held, “it’s being involved in such kind of situations and feel the immense pain and, suffering that goes on. That so many people just disregard of how awful the situation could be. It was so emotionally devastating .”

This combined efforts of the IMANA Medical Relief team for the past 13 years is what kept him drawn towards the organization. He said, “I appreciate the fact that IMANA doesn’t spend time like some Evangelical Christians do in trying to convert the non-Christians to their religion, they (IMANA) just goes there to help.”

With a passion in his heart, Dr. Held is in preparation to leave for IMANA Medical Relief’s Save Haiti mission in March 2016 and said, “Every mission that I have been on has been an incredibly rewarding and positive experience and if you can do it, you should do it.”