The Impact of a Free Clinic in one of Detroit’s poorest neighborhood

Qudsiya Siddiqui

October 21st, 2021

We at IMANA believe and continually work towards achieving healthcare equity, whether by providing medical care around the world or supporting clinics domestically that offer free/low-cost checkups; we’re on a mission to positively impact the health of humanity.

This year, to support our mission, IMANA mobilized its endowment funds to help bridge a growing gap in health care coverage across the United States by assisting Free Clinics with grants to sustain their efforts and operations in caring for the uninsured population.

Hence in recognition of National Health Education Week, a yearly event that raises awareness on major public health issues, IMANA would like to highlight one of the four clinics that received a $5,000 grant – the Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD) for their health fairs.

ICD has been actively serving the community’s health care needs for the past ten years.

IMANA’s grant supported the safe restart of the health fair at The Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD) in September 2021. Photo provided.

Sufian Nabhan, Executive Director at ICD. Photo provided.

“We’re in one of the poorest zip codes of Detroit city. The lack of public health services in the area is the reason why we host these health fairs, so people can have access to primary care services to maintain their health,” said Sufian Nabhan, Executive Director at ICD.

Backed by IMANA’s grant, the ICD restarted their bi-annual health fair in September 2021, attended by 550 families, and received diabetes testing, blood pressure checkup, consultations with physicians, and Covid-19 testing at no cost along with a drive-thru food distribution.

Nabhan added, “I would like to thank IMANA big time for sponsoring such a good health fair in a very needy time, where people need help and support through this pandemic.”

Programs such as ICD’s health fair provide equal healthcare opportunities for all and allow residents to access health education to prevent and monitor chronic conditions.