IMANA at the Forefront of Covid-19 response

October 23rd, 2020

Assalaamu alaiakum (Greetings of Peace)

Dear IMANA Family,

Over the past eight months, the Covid-19 outbreak has permanently changed the world. As the virus spread at alarming levels, the IMANA team, a leading resource, and network for the community is at the forefront with its Covid-19 response efforts by helping and comforting those in need of medical treatment and assistance in the US and internationally.
Because of your generosity and support, IMANA distributed 100,000 KN95 masks in the US and Pakistan, paid off $1.5 million in medical debts for low-income households, and provided 170,000 surgical masks and 12,000 liters of sanitizer to help Gaza fight this outbreak.

As we all know, the fight is not over yet. IMANA stands committed to continue caring for our front-line healthcare professionals and sharing resourceful information with our community. Also uniquely positioned to go places others cannot reach, we’ll continue to support refugees, displaced people, and other vulnerable communities in over 30 countries.
Together, let’s contribute towards the betterment of the community and gift a better future!

Thank you for your cooperation and unwavering support!

Dr. Marium Husain
IMANA Vice President