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Book About IMANA’s First Fifty Years

Dear Members of IMANA,

Asalamu Alaikum and Eid Mubarik. I hope all is well with you and your families and that you had an enjoyable and fulfilling Ramadan.
IMANA is excited to share some good news regarding IMANA’s book celebrating its first fifty years in the USA, and we are requesting your input.

In 1967 seven young Muslim trainees came together and decided to start a medical organization which we all now know as IMANA.  What were the challenges faced by IMANA over these fifty years and how did  IMANA reach a position of a well respected Muslim professional organization with a global impact? This is a story worth telling and sharing!

The authors of various chapters are key IMANA leaders who made major contributions sustaining and enhancing the organization. There will be chapters revealing the first twenty years by Dr. Bashir Zikria, leadership by Dr. Abida Haque, local conventions by Dr. W. Ahmad, international conventions by Dr. K. J . Qazi, JIMA by Dr. H. Fadel, IIIM by Dr. H. Nagamia, Ethics by Dr. S. Athar and H. Fadel, Shifa Clinic by Dr. S. Yasmeen, Post 9/11 Challenges by Dr. A. R. Mir, IMR by Dr. Ismail Mehr, FIMA by Dr. P. Malik, CME by Dr. Ayaz Samadani, International outreach by Dr. F. Khan, and the next fifty years by Dr. Asif Malik and Sheikh Hassan.

I am also pleased to inform you that over half of the chapters listed have been submitted already.

It is our hope to add an additional chapter which would provide some personal anecdotes and highlights from general IMANA members and hence this request.

Let me explain further: IMANA has had a great impact on me personally, professionally, socially and enhanced my knowledge about my faith. My wife Arfa and I  welcomed Seema as our daughter in law after she met Arif at an IMANA convention in Chicago.

So, as you look back and reflect on your association with IMANA, are there any unique or impactful moments that you like to share with the larger community? Did you develop a new friendship?  Does any conference talk or event stand out which had an impact on you? If you participated in a relief mission can you recall an event or incident which stands out?  What do you like most about IMANA?

Send a brief anecdote or personal experience up to 250 words and depending on the response we will add an additional chapter to the book.

We need this by mid-AUGUST, the Partridge publishing company is keen to have all the submissions by Labor Day, which will give them enough time to get the book ready for distribution in early 2017. Insha Allah.

Please don’t worry about the style, grammar, etc., we will have professional editors help with the language, etc.

Prof. Faroque Ahmad Khan, MB, MACP
Editor IMANA Book
Director IMANA International Collaboration
[email protected]
Mobile USA: 516-434-0313
Home: 516-932-7170




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