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Volunteer - Healthy Beginnings: Supporting Afghans

Healthy Beginnings: Supporting Afghans at Home and Abroad

In the aftermath of US withdrawal from Afghanistan IMANA is committed to help with the healthcare needs of the Afghan refugees currently accommodated at various US military bases, and also those who are in the resettlement process and gradually moving out to start new lives in their new homeland.

To that end, IMANA is:

  • Procuring medications to meet patient needs at the bases
  • Working with Afghan Medical Professionals Association of America (AMPAA) to create
    healthcare-related videos in Pashto and Dari to educate the new arrivals
  • Launching a vision screening project (with first clinic on December 11, 2021)
  • Purchasing 14,000 prescription glasses, for free distribution among screened patients
    Participate and contribute to this cause by registering for the vision screening clinics project

Volunteer Opportunities

Healthy Beginnings - Eyecare for Afghan Arrivals


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