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Pakistan Nutrition Project

Sustainable Pediatric Nutrition Project

IMANA is launching a pilot ‘Sustainable Pediatric Nutrition Project’ in Pakistan. The project aims to work with local communities in northern Sindh to decrease the prevalence of pediatric malnutrition by treating acutely malnourished children, preventing future malnourishment of children, and addressing the socio-economic and rights-based roots of malnutrition. We will approach problems and create solutions by focusing on sustainability, community partnership, evidence-based provision of care, robust record keeping and data collection, and child rights.

To help build this project from the ground up, we are looking for volunteers with the following:

  • Background in medicine, nursing, nutrition, and/or public health (preferably focused on Pediatric/Child health)
  • Passion and interest in global health, specifically in Pakistan

There will be no requirement to travel but, at a later stage, there may be such an opportunity.

Our project leads will get in touch with you once you register to assess your suitability and assign you to one of the various teams that will be formed:

  1. Community Partnership and Engagement
  2. Nutrition and Malnutrition Assessment
  3. Capacity and Community Building
  4. Active case finding, TSFP, and OTP
  5. Training
  6. Technology Innovation
  7. Child Rights


What is the process of joining our team?

Once you’ve applied, we will contact you via email or phone and set up a time to meet. During that meeting, we will discuss the project in more detail and based on your interests and experience, assign you to a team. You will be assigned a set of action items and we will set up follow-up meetings.

What is the estimated time commitment?

You will be required to meet with the Lead of the project once every week to share updates and form action items. You will likely need to spend about 10 hours per week on your tasks.

What are the travel requirements?

There are no travel requirements for most of the positions. There will be opportunities to travel to Pakistan, but once again this will not be a requirement. Most of your work can and will be done remotely.

What is the compensation?

This is a volunteer position and will not be monetarily compensated.

Have a question? Get in touch.

Preferred Method of Contact

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[email protected]

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