She is a Registered Nurse from Pennsylvania. She has been working at Lehigh Valley Health Network as a Registered Nurse for 3 years. Khawaja specializes in Pediatrics and said, “I absolutely love making a difference in the lives of these little angels.” She has always felt the need to do more for those in need and aims to provide healthcare services through IMANA Medical Relief in Jordan. Khawaja said, “The true purpose of my career is to serve Allah SWT by helping His Creation through Him.”

Khawaja shared her experience, “Do you remember what it was like to go to the doctor’s office as a child? That was a question I asked a friend of mine prior to going on my medical mission to Amman. I knew this trip would consist of a large population of patients who were children. I remembered how nervous I would be to see the doctor but I would be so happy at the end of the visit because of a lollipop or sticker they would give me (lol). Then I thought about these children we were going to see. I imagined their situation. Some of them have never been to a doctor and some of them may see having candy as a luxury (yes, a luxury) that they may not be able to afford or have access to as easily as we do. So then I thought handing out candy to these children could be their reward. Not because they were brave and came to see the doctor but to tell them this was a reward for how brave they are in their current situation or for the suffering that they seem to greet with nothing less than a smile. May Allah SWT ease their hardships.”