A Letter of Thanks from Umerkot, Pakistan

October 8th, 2020

IMANA Medical Relief has assisted with a rural medical center’s operational expenses in Tharparkar, which provided free healthcare services to 11,025 needy patients since 2019. The medical center is managed by Al Mustafa Trust.

You can read an excerpt of the letter below or view the PDF letter here

Chairman, IMANA Medical Relief


Assalam o Alaikum,


We are extremely grateful to IMANA for financially supporting operational activities of our subject medical centre in interior Sindh, since July 2019. The first tranche of US $ 36,000/- during 2019 enabled us to treat approximately 20,000/- patients living below poverty line. You would also be glad to know that this dispensation is non-discriminatory, because majority of these patients are non muslims (Hindus) i.e. labour community from the adjoining desert areas. The recent second tranche of the same amount for the current year is indeed, a great blessing for the poor beneficiaries, especially in the aftermath of Corona epidemic, when our fund raising activities have been totally stalled both in country and abroad. May Allah Almighty reward you and your team for this timely donation in this world and Akhira…



…In the end, once again I appreciate benevolence of your organization and hope to further strengthen our relations for our expanding network of Primary Health Care System in Pakistan.

Lt. Gen Muhammad Mustafa Khan
Al-Mustafa Trust