Lombard, IL –13 medical professionals will fly overseas for a week in early October and treat hundreds of Syrian refugees. This is done as part of IMANA Medical Relief (IMR), which has treated over 2.5 million patients in 27 countries to date.


IMR’s SaveSyria team will be in Amman, Jordan early next month where they will conduct a 5-day medical camp from October 8 to 12. During that time they will treat hundreds of patients, most of whom are unregistered, urban Syrian refugees living outside U.N. camps. 80 percent of Syrians in Jordan fall under this category.


The team is comprised of physicians, allied health professionals, and medical students from locations across the country:

Saquib Lakhani (team lead), Guilford, CT

Quratulain Syed, Sandy Springs, FL

Fareeha Hussaini, Tampa, FL

Noushin Sultana, Jersey City, NJ

Sohaib Masroor, St. John’s

David Ly, Fairfield, CT

Nisha Arikupurathu, New Hyde Park, NY

Amirah Farag, Brooklyn, NY

Salman Sheikh, Jamaica, NY

Aleena Riaz, Ballwin, MO

Rumisa Raoof, The Woodlands, TX

Misbah Alam, Oak Brook, IL

Farrah Greye, Boca Raton, FL


IMR began relief efforts for the internally displaced and refugee Syrian population since the beginning of the conflict in 2012 by providing medical care, medications, winter survival kits, food, and life-saving supplies. In 2016, IMR started quarterly medical missions to provide free treatment & medicines to the urban Syrian refugees in and around Amman, Jordan who have no access to healthcare. The IMR SaveSyria Medical Mission is an ongoing project and will continue in collaboration with partner United Muslim Relief (UMR).

Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) is the largest Muslim healthcare organization in North America. Established in 1967, it is now over 50 years old and has over 4,500 members nationwide. IMANA is a leading resource and network for American-Muslim physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. IMANA Medical Relief (IMR) undertakes medical relief work worldwide; its volunteers travel around the globe to treat people after natural disasters, in conflict zones, and in underdeveloped regions. To learn more, visit www.IMANA.org.

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