Our growing impact in South Asia

Qudsiya Siddiqui

November 13th, 2020

Through the worsening pandemic, IMANA remained steadfast in supporting its healthcare programs across South Asia. IMANA-sponsored projects provided a continuum of care to hundreds of vulnerable families needing consults, medicines, and life-saving surgeries. Your generosity inspired gifts created ripple effects and greatly impacted the other side of the globe.

Umerkot, Pakistan: IMANA assisted with a rural medical center’s operational expenses in Tharparkar that provided free healthcare services to 6,923 patients to date this year. Click to view the letter of thanks from Al Mustafa Trust.

Atulugama, Sri Lanka: The Ummah Clinic provided FREE health care services to 6,724 patients in rural areas with no medical access nearby.

Hyderabad, India: IMANA financially supports the basic health unit, four diabetic centers, a diagnostics lab, a primary health center, and a dialysis unit that provided care to 26,497 patients and conducted 2,615 lab tests for those in need.

Faisalabad, Pakistan: In the IMANA-sponsored vision care program, a team led by an ophthalmologist performs cataract surgeries in remote-areas across the country. It has provided 1,394 cataract surgeries, 580 minor eye procedures, and 15,831 consultations in 52 camps/clinics to date this year.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Despite a prolonged closure of the camps to overseas medical staff, in the remaining period IMANA was able to provide free treatment and medicines to 14,231 Rohingya men, women, and children so far.

Join the ripple effect of giving and learn about the impact you are making in the lives of those in need of primary healthcare services.