Plant those seeds – Spring is in the air

February 26th, 2021

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been a year since Covid-19 began, and soon to be since it was declared a pandemic. Since those first days, healthcare providers worldwide and at IMANA have been working around the clock to save lives.
IMANA partnered with FEMA recently, launching the SaveLives:USA campaign in its efforts to vaccinate America. This effort comes in addition to the plethora of statements, webinars, facts sheets, and PPE items disseminated to support the domestic and international community. Not to forget, in addition to this work, we launched new programs, such as scholarships, mentorship, grants, and virtual CME’s, all initiatives to support the continuum of students to patients and providers. All of this, in addition to still finding ways to support medical relief efforts worldwide.
Covid-19 created an environment that required health-related organizations to step up in a real and unprecedented way. IMANA was ready to answer that call successfully, all thanks to you.

Because of your commitment to IMANA, we could move quickly and lessen the impact the virus was having. But our work is far from done — we must continue to register volunteers to give vaccines and travel abroad to care for those for whom the vaccine remains a distant glimmer of hope. We’re ready to be there, today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. So please, if you can, join IMANA so that we can continue to serve humanity with critically needed health programs and services.

Thank you for all you’ve done — and will continue to do — for others.