Welcome IMANA’s new Board Members

Qudsiya Siddiqui

January 13th, 2021

The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to the Board of Directors, bringing the total number of board members to 11. Joining the IMANA Board are Dr. Fariha Khan, Dr. Tariq H. Cheema, and Dr. Taqi Salaam.

“The new members bring forth a wealth of experience and insight which will help further IMANA’s mission and vision for years to come (God-willing).”

-Dr Nabile Safdar, IMANA President-

Dr. Fariha Khan, M.D.

Dr. Fariha Khan, a primary care physician in Ontario, Canada, dedicates herself to social justice issues, poverty, international development, civic engagement, and women’s empowerment. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto and Doctor of Medicine degree from McMaster University in Hamilton. A mother of 4 young boys, she is deeply involved in volunteerism, which has taken her from urban Toronto to First Nations communities and various refugee camps with IMR. Dr. Khan was the first recipient of the Woman of the Year Award for the MAX Awards of Excellence in 2016 and received the Young Alumna Award from Havergal College in Toronto in 2017. Fariha is an academic who educates and mentors young aspiring doctors and women stepping into positions of leadership. An advisor on mental health and poverty, she promotes diversity, inclusiveness, and issues of human rights and civil liberties in Canada. Balancing her faith, work, family, and community life, Fariha is a role model who will ensure that everyone that encounters IMANA’s programs and services walks away a better version of themselves.

Dr. Tariq H. Cheema, M.D.

Dr. Tariq H. Cheema, a renowned social innovator, and philanthropist is the founder of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists and the Global Donors Forum. Since his career-switch from surgery to philanthropy in 1997, Tariq has had an unusually diverse career as a senior executive, advisor, and non-executive director, in both the non-profit and corporate sectors. During the course of his career, he has put his mark on a number of social initiatives, managed medium to large grant programs, and worked closely with world leaders, grantmaking foundations, and businesses to design strategic giving and investing models.
In recent years, his trendsetting efforts towards institutionalizing Muslim Philanthropy worldwide has earned international acclaim. Dr. Cheema’s visionary approach will allow IMANA to align our strategies to our mission and vision, and ensure we all move together as a single unit, striving to create equity in the world.

Dr. Taqi Salaam

Dr. Taqi Salaam, based on international travel experiences as a teenager, has dedicated his adulthood to urban socio-political movements and bringing love and mercy to others.
A graduate of university with honors, Taqi has pivoted into academia to prepare the next generation of medical and healthcare professionals here and across the world.
As a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), Dr. Salaam has been an active IMANA volunteer, traveling to Palestine, focusing on congenital and traumatic hand abnormalities in addition to burn patients, and Sudan to repair cleft lips, offering patients a brighter future. Taqi truly embodies selflessness through action, reminding each of us to approach every intention and act with a softened heart and full humility, recognizing that we are the ones to be thankful for the opportunity to serve others.