Their preparedness relies on You.

- Floods in Pakistan and the US

- Earthquakes in Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal, Puerto Rico

- Hurricanes Katrina, Florence, Harvey & Irma..

- Tsunamis in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Typhoons in the Phillipines

- Tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

- Cyclones in Bangladesh, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

- Ebola in West Africa

- Conflict in Gaza

We live in a world where getting treatment is not at the forefront of our minds. Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, ointments conveniently tucked away in closets and purses.

Simple things we take for granted.

But for many, you are their only access to medical relief. At times by sending supplies, other moments by enabling the right person to be present. Like the moment when facing a child struggling to breathe, a medical volunteer ran back to their lodgings to retrieve an inhaler to provide relief for the child.

You helped a child live, not just the individual that day, but countless others too. There is a heartbeat somewhere across the world awaiting your care.

Let’s continue working together to connect hearts and save lives.

Overview: Disaster Relief Efforts

This past month, IMANA’s Disaster Relief Campaign highlighted our response efforts during natural and climate-induced disasters, armed conflicts and addressed the needs of those impacted as they move to safety and resettlement.

Emergency Response: Flood Relief

IMANA MEDICAL RELIEFEmergency Response: Flood Relief Qudsiya SiddiquiOctober 22nd, 2021While water is essential to life, it can be a destructive force too. Like, the 2010 floods in Pakistan, one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the country’s history that...

Help Palestinian children access vision care

IMR & IMANA NEWSHelp Palestinian children access vision careQudsiya SiddiquiOctober 15th, 2021Imagine not being able to see, simply because you don’t have access to eye care or glasses; the impairment would affect nearly every aspect of your life.This is the...

Our Hurricane Relief Operations

Over the years, IMANA filled gaps for inadequate emergency services with critical hurricane relief work in North America and Asia. Our volunteers provided medical/humanitarian aid, and we airlifted emergency supplies to families impacted by the tropical storms. In addition, IMANA has worked hard to help those affected navigate a complex set of transitions in moving from acute emergency response to recovery in logistically challenging areas through our long-standing trusted relationships with government organizations and local community groups. And most importantly, all this is possible through your generous support.

Haiti’s Struggle to Recover

IMANA NEWS & IMRHaiti's Struggle to RecoverQudsiya SiddiquiOctober 1st, 2021For over a decade, IMANA has consistently provided healthcare services to Haitians impacted by the catastrophic earthquakes and the Covid-19 pandemic. We initiated the ServeHaiti medical...

Patients treated

Benefitted from humanitarian relief

Emergency medical response teams

Countries with projects and missions

Health centers constructed

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